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In need of one or two offices with all-inclusive services? Our single office solutions are ideally suited for you. Move in and begin to work in as little as 48 hours. Growing or established small to mid-sized company? Traditional offices are ideal for businesses requiring 1,140 to 4,300 square feet of space. Working out of the house? We offer virtual office packages that include voice mail, dedicated phone lines, call forwarding, conference room usage, and more.

Full-Service Office Solutions

At MyNextSuite, our turn-key office solutions offer everything you need to maintain a productive, business focused work environment while getting the best value out of your money spent. Established in 2006, MyNextSuite is the leader in providing professional, physical, and virtual office space with all-inclusive services.

We understand the importance of your business presence. Our beautiful Class A, full-service office space is designed to accommodate businesses seeking a prestigious image and a centralized location to accommodate business growth opportunities at an affordable price.

In addition to 24/7 private office access, our tenants enjoy spacious conference rooms, a training and conference center, dedicated high speed Internet, Wi-Fi access, telephone services, voice mail to email forwarding, daily janitorial services, onsite facility management and more.

What sets MyNextSuite apart is our expertise in providing on-site Information Systems and Technology (IS & IT), a data center, physical and cyber security, Human Resources (HR) and marketing services. With committed staff, well established infrastructure, and a strong market area foothold, MyNextSuite delivers a proven track record of quality technical support and top customer service. We truly believe MyNextSuite to be best suited for your office space needs.

Compare Our Cost to Theirs

Our full-service spaces range from small interior offices to large window offices and from 108 sq. ft. to 4,300 sq. ft. Starting at just $450. In addition we have flexible lease terms with virtual, shared, and shorter commitments available, as-needed and month-to-month as well. When you do the math, the other guys just don't compare.

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