[+] What is a single office solution?
Single offices are nicely suited for start-ups and any other business that only needs one or two offices. This allows smaller companies an affordable office solution and predictable monthly costs. Small business typically need to have consistent and predictable overhead costs in order to remain profitable. A single office solution provides one consistent monthly rate that includes all your business overhead costs (see included amenities). A few of the most utilized ones are the shared conference room and the large kitchen/breakroom. As your business grows, MyNextSuite also provides you the option to relocate into a larger space without worrying about the expense and time associated with moving.

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[+] What is a traditional office solution?
Traditional space predominately appeals to growing, established and larger sized companies who need more office space to fulfill their company needs. Traditional space available at MyNextSuite range from 1,140 to 4,300 square feet and contain multiple private offices, reception area, a private kitchen and conference room.

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[+] What is a virtual office solution?
Virtual office solutions are customized to each business need. For example, your company may not need to rent full time office space but would benefit by having temporary use of a furnished office or conference room. Virtual office packages can also be set up to include a business address, a mailbox or even use of a live onsite receptionist.

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[+] What is an executive office suite?
Our executive office suite is fully furnished and equipped with added benefits such as large, dual flat screen computer monitors, a large HD wall-mounted television and presentation display, an in-suite refrigerator/freezer and private security. With all-inclusive amenities and 360 square feet of vaulted ceiling office space, this suite redefines the “Class A” office space category.

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[+] What are the terms at MyNextSuite?
A minimum term for single and traditional office space is one year. Shorter or month-to-month terms are also available. Virtual offices are customized based on need.
[+] Can I rent an office or conference room short-term?
Yes. MyNextSuite has furnished offices, conference rooms and a training center that can be used on a short-term basis. Whether you need a space for a company presentation or simply a meeting room to meet an important client, MyNextSuite works with your company to fulfill your needs.
[+] How much is the monthly rent?
Monthly fee is based on type of office solution, square footage, and length of the term. To receive pricing information please contact us by calling 865.392.9040 or emailing Info@MyNextSuite.com.
[+] Does MyNextSuite have onsite building management/maintenance?
Yes. At MyNextSuite, the building and maintenance management is typically onsite during normal business hours which are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET, excluding holidays.
[+] Does MyNextSuite offer onsite Information Technology support?
Yes. Information Technology (IT) support staff are typically onsite and available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET excluding holidays. Should the building experience an outage or tenants have a specific problem with a technology item, our IT staff respond quickly to resolve the issue.
[+] Does MyNextSuite offer any additional services?
Yes, we do offer additional services to our tenants as well as other companies. Please visit the Additional Services page.